Xamarin - Installation

Xamarin is built on the .NET Framework. It allows one to create apps that easily run across multiple platforms. In this tutorial, we will explain how you can use Xamarin to deliver native iOS, Android, and Windows Apps.

Let’s start the tutorial with a discussion on how to install Xamarin in Windows and Mac systems.

System Requirements


  • A computer with at least 2GB of RAM and running Windows 7 or higher (Windows 8-10 is highly recommended)

  • Visual Studio 2012 Professional or higher

  • Xamarin for Visual Studio


  • A Mac computer running OS X Yosemite (10.10) or higher
  • Xamarin iOS SDK
  • Apple’s Xcode (7+) IDE and iOS SDK
  • Xamarin Studio

Installation on Windows

Download the Xamarin Installer from https://www.xamarin.com/download Before running the Xamarin installer, make sure you have installed Android SDK and Java SDK on your computer.

Run the downloaded installer to begin the installation process −

  • The Xamarin license agreement screen appears. Click the Next button to accept the agreement.

  • The installer will search for any missing components and prompt you to download and install them.

  • After the Xamarin installation is complete, click the Close button to exit and get ready to start using Xamarin.

Installation on Mac

  • Download the Xamarin Studio Installer on your Mac system.

  • Run the Xamarin installer you downloaded and follow the steps given in the Installation Wizard.

  • After the installation is complete, you can start using Xamarin on your system.